From outdoor sports to indoor relaxation.

In the immediate area or within a short travelling distance there are a multitude of sporting activities available. Many are centered on the natural landscape of rolling hills, woodland, rivers, canals and lakes. With a population density of only 43 inhabitants per km2, there is plenty of room to relax and to enjoy the peacefulness of nature in the Haute-Saône.

Should you wish to stay at home, you can profit from the park with its century-old trees, such as the Virginia Tulip Tree, a majestic Purple Beech exceeding 25 meters in diameter. Observe numerous animals including owls, woodpeckers, nightingales, chaffinches, nuthatches, buzzards (a pair nests in the park), hedgehogs, stoats and squirrels. Close-by, you might spot kingfishers, herons, deer, wild boar, badgers – and many other species in an environment that is swarming with wild life. If you cannot imagine taking a holiday without your dog or cat, bring him or her with you.

You can also choose between the billiard room, a gymnasium & massage bed and of course, there is our lawn tennis court – a rarity in France. If you are a quiet soul, you can spend a leisurely afternoon in front of a log fire with a good book, listening to music, watching a film in our home cinema (coming soon) or playing the grand piano in the lounge.