Poultry Salad & Tuna Tartare

Poultry Salad

After this long winter, it’s good to see the sun … The time to put the table and chairs back on the terrace has come…

So here are two beautiful and simple food pairings full of freshness and easy to create.

At the top, a salad of white marinated poultry with blood orange, accompanied by small cubes of carrots and a mushroom salad with basil, spinach leafs and mayonnaise, home made mayonnaise, of course.

Below, a plate with a lime marinated tuna tartare, mixed with some red berries and small pieces of pineapple, stuffed with a cream of leeks, and presented with all the ingredients of a beef tartar.


Tuna Tartare


Accompany these appetizers with a light white wine served relatively cold, for example: Vignon d’Or from Vignoble Guillaume in Charcenne (70)

Enjoy your meal!

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